IsMatch activity escaped characters


I’m trying to use IsMatch activity, where I’m looking for “( 11 )” or “( 22 )” (wihout quotes) string inside the searched string.
The activity always returns false even if the string is match. The pattern parameter of the activity is set to “backslash( 11 backslash)” - doesn’t work and “backslash( 11 backslash) | backslash( 22 backslash)”. The “backslash” is a character of course. Doesn’t work either.

Hi Sparrow - Can you attach the screenshot of the same.

Hi thanks for the quick reply. It works fine, the problem was mistaken input string which actually didn’t contain the searched string. Shame on me…

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Hi Sparrow - That’s okay, you have just learned one way of troubleshooting :slight_smile:. You can resolve the question marking you answer itself.

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