Is using Orchestrator the only way to have an external trigger start a workflow?



We are about to purchase some licenses and wanted to have some workflows be triggered by having an email with an attachment sent to an email address or having a file uploaded to a folder in ShareFile without needing a user to manually start the workflow.

  1. Is this possible?
  2. Is it possible without Orchestrator?
  3. If so, how?

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Hello @atevis,

Hope this could help:



Thanks! It seems like Orchestrator might be the only way to have a process triggered by an email. Orchestrator can do that, right?
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Via email you can have your wf triggered using Outlook rule -> Run script (vbs)



Didn’t know that! Thanks!


@vvaidya Do you know what coding in a .bat file could open a UiPath file and run it?



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