Is Uipathruntime.exe can be used for enterprise user?


I am having problem with Uipahruntime.exe that I cannot match the version of uipath stuio and Uipathruntime.exe for rdp.
I was looking for the resource center to download matched version, but there are only for enterprises version displayed.

I am community user that Do I still download Uipathruntime.exe for Uipath studio for community users?



May be you can try with the Community Stable version


Hope this may help you



You can download the stable version from cloud.




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In that case I would suggest to download the entire application file which is of stable version from https:/

And I believe has that file is there by default in it

Cheers @bomoon1234

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Yeah I installed community stable version of Uipath, but when I try to use rdp it keep saying the version of Uipathruntime version is not support the uipath studio. So, I downloaded variety version of Uipathruntime.msi(installer)to and installed to the rdp. but any of version is not working for my studio community version.

Anyway I will uninstall the current version of studio and reinstall the stable version that you told me.


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this is my version information and installed stabe version.

it is still have problem with connection with rdp.

I don’t know what is problem …

I looking for the installed package version, and it is not matched what I installed.

maybe problem is this.

anyone can help me with this?