Is UiPath supports SIEBEL version?

Hi, I would like to know which version of SIEBEL is supported by UiPath tool ? My organization is currently using earlier version of SIEBEL ( Current UiPath can able to interact with SIEBEL 8 ? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Have you ever figured this out? I’m having a rough time.

Before answering this just to clarify. SIEBEL is a web-based CRM application, correct?

You should be able to do the UI Automation in SIEBEL

I have worked with Siebel before. There where some quirks but it worked in the end. I don’t know about that specific version though.

Hi Cosmin…I started working on a project where business uses Siebel CRM…

I have encountered a problem where one of the siebel windows(kind of address book) doesn’t have reliable selectors and couldn’t even type into or click few fields or buttons. Have you faced any similar issues…if yes how did you solved them…ill share screenshots of the webpage if needed tomorrow