Is UiPath Orchestrator API Guide 2016.2 for Orchestrator Version 2017.1 compatible?

Before I update my Orchestrator Version, I want to know whether Orchestrator API Guide 2016.2 is compatible with Orchestrator Version 2017.1.

When it is not compatibel, is there a new link for the new version of the UiPathOrchestrator API Guide?

Thanks for your help!


I’ve been struggling with the same issue. There are missing methods in a few things I have tried and wondering too if there is a new version of the API documentation somewhere?

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@badita - who could help?

Update: I’ve since managed go get it to work so far only been able to GET and POST assets but others should also work based on that. So I guess 2017.1 is compatible with 2016.2

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All the methods of Orchestrator 2016.2 will not be compatible with 2017.1 as there has been few chnages.
The reference link for newer version can be accesed by clicking below link