Is UiPath certification date extended till June 2019

Iam preparing for advanced Developer UiPath certification and recent posts stating that free certification date extended till June 2019 but the same was not displaying in certification.uipath page .

Is that news genuine .


Do not post this kind of issue into Jobs section please!


i think it might be extended beyond 3 months

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the tool is so beautiful with endless possibilities to earn money, so why you mind paying a small fee for the certification

just a thought :smiley:

that’s nota small money. 850 USD is too much money compare to Blue Prism which cost for developer certification is at 65 USD only.

based on your post i tried to google the cost but apart from a few quora pages i was not able to get any information. Can you please share the source for the 850 USD fee?

Also @loginerror @ovi can you shed some light here please?

Wonder full thought … but do you have answer to my question ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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The answer is yes, its has been extended till June 2019

Yes, it has been extended till next quarter … got official confirmation from UiPath …
Thank you UiPath team .