Is UIAutomation of Cargowise One application possible?

I have a scenario to automate an application “Cargowise one” developed by As per my understanding, application is hosted in cloud and client installation is done using Remote App. I’m not able to get any selectors for this application, so uiautomation is out of the picture. Any suggestions on how to automate this application?

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Try a solution based on Computer Vision:

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Please make sure that the Windows Remote Desktop extension is installed

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Thanks @Adrian_Star I tried and it is working but DI would like to know if CV requires us to purchase a separate paid license?

@Marius_Puscasu I believe we have to install Remoteruntime.exe in the server machine for this ?
Since this is a cloud version there is no server machine available.

Computer Vision belongs to the AI Computer Vision product group and requires an API Key to work, which is probably available after purchasing a license.