Is this available to automate this kind of workflow?

Hello guys,
I’d like to automate this process:

The client has an excel file . In the excel file, there are information like this :

Bot has to compare this data to the real data in the application ( browser )


1.-Let’s say, for example, the real data in the “TimeOut Agente Remoto” first value has different data in the application for the third column “5” so the bot has to update to 10 like the excel file , Is that possible ?

2.- Let’s imagine that there are 10 rows in the excel file and the application data in the browser has 14 rows , would it be possible that the bot might delete extra rows in the app? …

Any idea, please and thanks.

Hi @pprin001

Yes it is possible

  1. You can use table extraction to extract all the data as is from the website into a datatable
  2. Read the excel data into another datatble
  3. Run a loop on website datatable(dtweb)(in arguments assign index variable)
  4. Check if the index < dtexcel.rowcount-1
  5. On then side check if data is present in excel daatatable by using if condition to check currentrow(0).tostring.trim.equals(dtexcel.rows(index).tostring this condition is for checking first column similarly you can add other conditions
  6. On then side they are matched… on else side they are not matched… on else side of first if data is not present on excel so add it



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