Is this a better approach to develop multiple flow with different scrapping frequencies in one(Main.xaml)

Hello Everyone,

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I have a doubt related to my project.

I have to do the scrapping from 11 portals, and overall scrapping scenario is around 40, then scrapped data have to push into sql server.
The frequency of scrapping is different for each portal,i.e for some portal i have to scrap on monday and some for tue, so on like that.

So my doubt is , could i design only one bot(main.xaml) for the entire process , if yes then how i will manage the scrapping frequency from Orchestrator that is different ?

should we design seperate bot(main.xaml) for each scrapping scenario or as per their scrapping frequency , if yes then could we deploy multiple packages(main.xaml) in one unatteneded robot?

Could we design all the things in one bot(main.xaml) using RE-framework for different scrapping frequency?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Ram_Singh
If you want to design one process for executing your 40 scraping scenarios then you could make use of Argument and then decide which activities in your process will be executed based on the value passed on to the Argument.

In Orchestrator, you can create a schedule, specify the process the you have created and then specify an Argument. So I reckon you’ll need to create 40 schedules, one schedule for each scenario.

You can of course also create one project for each scraping scenario and you can have 1 Unattended Robot run all of your 40 scraping scenarios.

Thanks Matthew
Its really help me alot.