Is there detailed document about extenal applications ? or Videos, the document is too hard to process ?

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Hi @Donna_Zhang

Are you referring to Authorizing External Applications article in our documentation?

If so, could you please let us know which parts are not clear? :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror , Yes I have difficulty understand the external Application. As I follow the structure of getting the Auth.
UiPath OR.Jobs.Write OR.Jobs.Read

I can’t get correct result(I just replace the client_id with the real one) . not sure what I should do to get the right Auth. Is there any screenshot about the steps about how to config and how to use it.

For now my understanding of the Extenal Application is for getting the Auth of some functions of the Orchestrator API , right ? Instead of using the Userkey to get the Bearer token under the admin page.

Here is my screenshot, and this is user scope:

@Donna_Zhang you are right External Applications is replacing the UserKey method to authenticate clients.

Can you help me understand what your goal is with this external application? Additionally, can you share what errors you are getting?

Just as a quick sanity check, did you make sure that the External App registration included the redirect_url exactly as it is shown on your screenshot?

Here is my external app:

Here is the postman results:

And I tried the url in browser:

Hello @Donna_Zhang have you reviewed the UiPath Connector Guide?

Hi @zawad I just referring to this

If you are using postman you need to use the right postman reply URL:

Also, make sure you update the External Application’s app registration to update the URL.

scope=OR.Robots.Read OR.Machines.Read&

All of this is documented here: UiPath Connector Guide

Thanks @zawad, it worked.


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