Is there are Activity that Can Create New Variables?

Hello Forum!

I have a datatable. The first column being a bunch of names and the second column has values correlating to the names in the first column.

I would like to do something like loop through the datatable and create a new variable that has the name of the value in the first column (of my datatable) and the variables value be the entry in the second row of the data table.

I think that an activity that could create a new variable would be best but any recommendations would be welcomed.


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Load the datatable, then use a for activity to loop through, and add the required activities.

Whats the need to add the names to variables? to use later on?

Yip, I am going to use them later. There are about 15 names, each with significantly different types of information. Like Name, surname, address etc.

I think, your first approach would be the right to implement.

I’m sure that this approach would work. However, if there was an activity that could create new variables it would save me from having to type out and create these 15 variable names and using 15 assign activities.

Because I could just include it in the loop.