Is there any way we can make folderpath in an excel column as a hyperlink

Hello all,

I am trying to add a column to my excel sheet which contains folderpath how do I make it clickable.

column looks something like this

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Yes, you have to use this feature:

Great thanks will try this

Is this function using uipath?

Well it’s a feature built into Excel, so you just have to figure out the correct way of getting UiPath to write the syntax into the cell.

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Hello @Harshita_Ramesh, :smiley:

Or, to facilitate, you can also try with the package BalaReva.EasyExcel.Activities:

:point_right: I did a little demo for you. See more here:

InsertHyperlink.xaml (6.2 KB)

Note: Don’t forget to install BalaReva.EasyExcel.Activities after downloading my .xaml file. This way, the activities won’t get corrupted for you…


Bruna Bruno.

Ok will try that

@Harshita_Ramesh Ok! Let me know if you need more help. And don’t forget to mark my answer or @oscar’s answer as a solution. In this way you help us to grow here in the UiPath Forum too.

Thank you!


Bruna Bruno.

Hi @Harshita_Ramesh ,

As Mentioned by @oscar , we could use the Formula of HYPERLINK in Write Cell Activity to create the data as a Hyperlink. Shown below :

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@supermanPunch Thanks will try this as well

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@supermanPunch Can you please tell how do I make it work for all the rows.

@Harshita_Ramesh , You Could use a For Each Row in Datatable Activity to loop through and add the Hyperlinks. Also would need to use an iterative variable to increment the Range value as the loops progresses.

But we would also need to know some more details, How is the Folder Path mapped to the row in Excel if different folder path’s are to be assigned to particular rows.

@supermanPunch I tried doing that but then it updates only one row

@Harshita_Ramesh , Range value needs to be incremental, we can get the incremental value from the For Each Row Activity’s Index Property.

I actually got it…
If we increement this way it is going to work

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Hi @Harshita_Ramesh, if you haven’t done it already, I would recommend you check out the UiPath training courses that they offer for free. Getting the RPA Developer Advanced training completed would help you learn a lot of these things! Cheers.

@oscar Hey thanks for the link I could solve that anyway

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