Is there any way to run chrome extension on Chromium ver.56?

We’re using studio 18.2.3 and chrome extension 9.0.6421 now, but as you know, this version is out of service now.
So we’re in screening of new version updates, and target version is 19.10.5 with chrome extension 9.0.6821.
The problem is that one of our system is using Chromium ver.56.
I’ve installed new chrome extension on this old Chromium in manual way.
But with our new studio, it seems to be communicated as “wnd app”, but not as “html app”.
When I attached the chromium to ‘Attach browser’ activity, an error came out as below.
“Invalid Selector: . Expected a selector. Please make sure that you indicate a browser tab element.”
It worked very well with studio 18.2.3 and chrome extension 9.0.6421.
Can anyone help me to make this Chromium to be recognized as browser, not window?