Is there any way to reading a email without using for each activity?

please tell me if anybody knows how to do it…

varOutputEmails(0) will give you first email like wise you have to increase the counter for next emails…

Where your varOutputEmails will be of type List Of MailMessage

Example : Email Subject

would you elaborate please?

@praveen_sonkusare - Say if you have Stored the value in OutMails…you can use these (Sample) below queries to satisfy the conditions…

OutMails.Where(function(msg) DateTime.ParseExact(msg.Headers(“Date”), “MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss”,Nothing) > Now.AddDays(-2)).ToList

Not sure if this helps.

how i read multiple emails using this method.


You can take a counter variable of type int and pass it to the output email variable and loop through it using do-while or flow chart decision or in the different states using RE Framework…

It will just replace for each loop instead, As you want…

Example :

If varOutputEmails.count >Counter then increase Counter(Counter) else exit the loop