Is there Any way to read multiple excel file to compare with one excel file

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Is there any way to read multiple excel file (excel file contains questions and answers) to compare with Output excel sheet (contains only questions). Selecting Multiple Excel file needs to compare the questions with output excel file if the questions match with both excel file, only the answer need to write with the relevant question in output excel file.,

Kindly help me guys I tried many ways but it is not working, thanks in advance.,

step1: using start process activity get all the files
step 2:using for each activityread flie one by one
step 3:using condition in *if activity * compare the content in both excel file

try this one…
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Hi bro,

I new to uipath its all are new to me i tired in simple ways only so can u plz provide a demo

wait i will send a pic

try this one friend…

hai bro,

kindly find the image I need extract only “.xlsx” file in a folder how to setup for that and also I need to compare questions from the multiple excel file to single excel name named as "Output excel " after comparing relavant answer for the question to be write in Output excel file


HI ,
How to compare the files present in two different folders.All the files which are not common should be displayed.How too write this logic?