Is there any way to prevent the first half of the path from being displayed?

I am currently implementing a function to notify the destination of a folder where an error has occurred.
However, the path is the full path, and show the address. you will be known as shown below.
it is not good for a security point of view, I would like to prevent the hierarchy above “uipath” directory from being displayed.

【Current situation】

【Path I want to display】

Currently, the above full path is contained in a String variable. Is there anything I can do to make this variable not display the first two levels, or display it from the Uipath level onwards?

Thank you very much.


Prototyped and checked by:

A more safe approach could be following:

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In addition to ppr’s method, you could use regex which might be a bit more resilient to changes in folder structure. Something like: (?<=\\uipath\\).* would grab everything after the uipath directory. So “uipath” + the regex would get you the full string after the uipath directory only

Thank you very much for the good information.
I’m very happy with the way it works.

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