Is there any way to monitor the events doing by the user?

I created a bot to open ppt from drive based on input selection. once the ppt is opened I need to monitor for either close/minimize of the browser tab. so that I can show the user a message box - " Do you want to continue with reading other ppts" if YES then will display the input dialog with list of ppts.ELSE will abort the Bot execution.

Please help me on this requirement.

You want to moniter that whether user close or minimize the ppt ?

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Exactly you are right @Sahil_Garg

I tried in this way:::

I used Open browser activity to open the respective ppt in the browser and then used Monitor Events activity → Click trigger → Not able to select minimize/close push button since it is selecting entire element of the screen → Do Events → Using message box to display “Do you want to continue”

if you have any xaml plz share it here will be very useful to continue.

Not sure on that event activity part ,
But u can use Get active window if no other window is opened , and check if window = null (ask again to new ppt).

My PPT window is getting opened inside the chrome browser as required per my need but i’m not able to monitor the events like minimize/close push button. So i had to log a request so that i get useful information to proceed. :slight_smile:
Thanks @Sahil_Garg for your immediate response to my question.

I’m Expecting a solution for my question. Please do provide your inputs to use the necessary activities in the xaml.