Is there any way to kill a pending job at a specific time?

Currently, the Uipath process running in the triggered execution of Orchestrator is in a pending state for an unknown reason. We would like to force the process to terminate at a specific time, because the cause is unknown and it will interfere with subsequent processes.

So, is there any way to force the termination of ProcessA if it is still running after 9pm?

Thank you in advance.

Hey @Kirigirisu_Coin

What sort of trigger do you have setup?

Assuming you are using a “Time” based trigger and not a “Queue” based trigger then you can do set a maximum amount of time a job can run using the “Stop Job after” setting.

Then its a matter of setting the start time and adjusting the stop time.

Does that help you?

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I overlooked the existence of this setting.
Thank you for letting me know.

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Oh great, glad I could help :blush:

Just note there are two options “Stop” and “Kill”. Recommend using stop.

Just remember this is the trigger time to stop so (if you need to) allow a few mins for it to fully finish. So if you start at 8pm, set the minutes to “55” so you have 5mins to finish the current item AND finalise the process and logout.

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