Is there any way to increment the date

Suppose I have a date in the variable is today. lets say

StrDate = 29-Apr-2019

Can I increment is by one to get the next date i.e 30-Apr-2019

Sure, you can use DateTime variable type:

StrDate = convert.toDateTime(“2019-04-29”).addDays(1).tostring


strDatePlus1 = DateTime.ParseExact(strDate,"dd-MMM-yyyy",Nothing).AddDays(1).ToString("dd-MMM-yyyy")


@KarthikByggari what is the type of strDatePlus1 you have taken as I taken DataTime.
but I got this error


It is a string.
If you want in datetime, remove the part .ToString("dd-MMM-yyyy")

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@KarthikByggari Thanks to get the correct output, But it’s in the string type var. How can I convert it into the DataTime?



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@lakshman Not work Lakshman, If you see I have attached the screenshot. where 1 highlighted is for OldDate and 2 is for increment by one date but it’s in string type. I want to convert the 2 string type into dateTye format should be same. I want the same format. After conversion into DateType I got the 3 it’s into DateType but format is changed?


Try this:



@lakshman Got the above error.

Left side variable is DataType and right side I taken is StringType Var where my date is in the format 1-May-2019

Same I want to convert into DataType variable.


Could you share this workflow and need to check once.

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where “Dates” and “j” is variable. you can add values to the “j” using assign activity

Suppose I assign Dates variable with “31-Jan-20” and Dates is string type
Dates= “31-Jan-20”
Now I want to increment this Dates variable with one so I will use the below expression
if you want to increment the date by 2 the just add integer 2 in AddDays(2)

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