Is there any way to hide the execution of one activity in the logs?

what does the question mean exactly in which log the output log or the log file

is there any way to hide the execution of one activity in the logs ?
1- yes, by checking the private property of the activity that is to be hidden
2- yes, by changing the minlevel property of the “execution” logger from NLog.config.

can anyone help and explain please

The Execution Logs are created each time you run a robot by Studio (and Orchestrator). They are by default stored in your AppData folder per user profile, but can be redirected elsewhere. (ie ‘C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs’)

Each activity has a “Private” property. This can be used to avoid seeing this action in Debug mode and the Execution Logs.

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thanks bro your answer i clear as crystal :slight_smile:

hey bro am sorry for bothering but could you help me in this question also

how can a robot start an application in Citrix ?
1- by using a command line
2-by double clicking on a desktop icon
3-by using an open application activity
4-by defining a shortcut key for the application and then triggering the app with a send hotkey activity

my answer was
1 and 4 but they answer it as wrong ! , i think i should also check number 2 which mean my answer should be 1 and 2 and 4

could you help in this one please if you know !

Citrix environment is an application that runs on your machine, so in that case you are not running your robot on a machine but rather on an application. And, that application does not have elements, so you need to use mostly keystroke and image automation.

Your answer for 1,2,4 is the correct one, because you can use keystrokes in command line or for using a hotkey shortcut, or using image click to double click icon. Open Application won’t work because you are not running the robot on the machine.


man your great thanks a lot of your good explanation really appreciated :slight_smile:

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