Is there any way to exclude files with "~$" in them?

I’m currently using DictionaryGetFiles to turn files one by one, but I’m reading files that are not in the folder, and I’m having trouble figuring out how to target them.

As shown in the image, there are no files in the folder that I am currently turning. By the way, the hidden files are visible.

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I’m currently using an if statement to determine which files contain “~$” and remove them from the list, but if possible, I’d like to delete them or remove them as temporary files.

2021-11-27 (6)

If possible, I would like to delete or remove the file as a temporary file in Uipath

Please let me know.


In the happy side of if function use delete activity to delete the file instead of continue.

And also please refer the below thread there is method in file info we can use that method to identify the hidden files.

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This is the answer I wanted.
Thank you very much for introducing it.

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Your most welcome.

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