Is there any way to create a delayed job request via API?

I have a robot which should run every day at 9:00AM, but if it fails it should run again one hour later.
I haven’t find any way to start a job request which will be initiated only 1 hour later. I saw that there is an option to create a Schedule Request via API, is there any way to create it in a way that it will run only once?

Hi @unyiattila
May be this could help you buddy

Kindly have a look on this

Thanks! That is what I just referred to in my post…
The thing is that I want it to be deferred (like in case of queue items). This schedule request will make it regular, so it will run every day/week/month etc.
Or am I wrong and you can give it a cron expression which will run it only once?

yes of course we can use Cron expression to make it in a scheduled way of running the bot once in an hour…you can create your expression out here
and can make use of by pasting it in the orchestrator advanced setting tabs and save it
This worked many a times buddy
Cheers @unyiattila

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Thank you! Just for people who dont want to learn how to fish just eat the fish:

* 1 1 1 1 ? 2020

It would be the CRON for 01:01AM 1th of January 2020.

so were you able to get now with the expression
Cheers @unyiattila

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