Is there any OCR activity which can be used in StudioX?

StudioX can display “Show Developer” activities. can some OCR activities be used normally in StudioX? I tried “UiPath Document OCR”, but failed, warning msg as below:

what does that mean? how to find an activity with argument “image”?


As per my understanding OCR activities are not availabel in the Studiox version.If you want to work on the OCR, better to switch to studio version.
Home->Setting->License and profile->Studio.

thanks for the reply, I tried, and according to
I’m updating the pkg. but it’s been like this for at least half an hour, never met such long installation before. do you have the same version pack installed?


It will take some time for the installation of packages but not up to the time taken for you.
Is it completed the installation? Is there any challenge in using the studio version instead of studiox?

the challenge so far is the installation. I am doing my second trial. it’s showing the same msg “Restoring Dependencies…” as the first trial. I force-quit first trial as it’s running around 1 hour and seems no responding.

eventually I installed the pkg. now my challenge is how to use “UiPath Document OCR” given that I have a png file on hand. I tried to set a “load image” activity to supply the image for “UiPath Document OCR”, but it always shows a warning msg “‘Image’ was not supplied”, should I define an image variable in advance? if so, how should I do that?