Is there any ML model for tracking location

Hi Everyone,Could you please give some suggestions on the following issue.
Process is assigning passenger booking request to respective cab driver nearest location.

To assign passenger booking requests to respective cab drivers based on their nearest location, you can consider the following suggestions:

  1. Collect passenger and driver data: Maintain a database or data source that contains information about the passengers and cab drivers. Include details such as their locations (coordinates or addresses) and availability status.
  2. Determine passenger location: When a new booking request comes in, determine the location of the passenger either through user input or by using location-based services such as GPS or address lookup.
  3. Calculate driver distances: Calculate the distance between the passenger’s location and the available cab drivers’ locations. You can use algorithms like Haversine formula or the Google Maps API to calculate distances based on latitude and longitude coordinates.
  4. Find nearest drivers: Sort the available cab drivers based on their distances from the passenger’s location. Select the drivers with the shortest distances as the potential candidates for assignment.
  5. Apply additional filters: Consider applying additional filters or criteria such as driver availability, vehicle capacity, driver ratings, or driver preferences (if applicable) to further refine the list of potential drivers.
  6. Assign booking request: Once you have the filtered list of potential drivers, select the most suitable driver based on your business rules or criteria. Assign the passenger booking request to the selected driver.
  7. Notify the driver: Send a notification or alert to the assigned driver with the details of the passenger and their pickup location.
  8. Update driver availability: Update the availability status of the assigned driver to reflect that they are currently serving a passenger. This prevents multiple assignments to the same driver simultaneously.
  9. Monitor and track: Implement a system to monitor and track the status of passenger bookings and driver assignments. This can help with managing ongoing bookings, handling driver availability changes, and resolving any issues that may arise.
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