Is there any mechanism like mutex lock in Ochestrator?

I want to extract transaction from mail box folder to Orchestrator work queue. Is there any mechanism like mutex lock in Ochestrator to let only one robot to get information. (when one robot get the lock, other robots cannot access the mail box)

I am facing the same issue. If you solve this, could you plaese explain ?

I am using File Lock to solve this.

  1. Put a file(any extention is ok) in shared folder.
  2. Try to get Read & Write lock of the file in Step 1.
    a. if get lock, proceed the next step(recommend to put the release lock action at finally scope)
    b. otherwise, wait for some time, then retry

Here is the code to get Read & Write lock:
New FileStream(LockFile, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.ReadWrite, FileShare.None)