Is there any limit in passing values for Add DataRow activity?

Hi @Soundarya_Guduri

Yes, Based on the Input Data Table we need to pass the value inside the Add data Row activity.

If you using Build Data Table Need to set Max Length (-1), So it will take n rows



HI @Soundarya_Guduri

If you set Max length as (100) , Here the Limitation is set as 100. So we can process only 100 rows



My doubt is green arrow showing here … is there any limit creating variable here.?

This is the error we got in our workflow

HI @Soundarya_Guduri

Can you give all the String.Join in the variable and pass it in the Add data Row and check it.


Can we add multiple variables (around max= 20) in ArrayRow property?

Yes @Soundarya_Guduri , You can add multiple variable in the ArrayRow.

Have you tried this?

yes but again got same error

Can you share all this variable here? @Soundarya_Guduri


all are string type

give a try at Demo for a 2 column schema datatable
when VB:

new Object(){ColVal1,ColVal2}```

when C#

new object[]{ColVal1,ColVal2}

when all values should be joined to a single column

new Object(){String.Join(","new Object(){ColVal1,ColVal2}}```


new Object(){new object[]{ String.Join(","new object[]{ColVal1,ColVal2}}```

we have tried but

see updated post or share your XAML

can’t share the xaml because its confidential . The expressions you have given , we are trying but its not working.

no problem, so give us clear details:

  • Studio Version

  • used UiPath.System.Activities Version

  • used Targetframework

  • Used programming languague

  • DataTable column structure

  • sample values (e.g. anonymized)

Studio Version = 2022.10.3

used UiPath.System.Activities Version = 22.10.3

used Targetframework

Used programming languague = VB.Net

sample values (e.g. anonymized)

below is the DataTable column structure

tableformat.xlsx (9.3 KB)

This issue occurred due to the number of arguments exceeded to add values in an array.

Instead of adding values into array create a dictionary and add values into that and then use funtion dicvariable.values.toarray

Hello @Soundarya_Guduri,
as of my knowledge there is no limit in adding Columns to a DataTable and thus no limitation in adding values in the activity Add Data Row - ArrayRow property.
I even tested it on my machine, see the attached screenshot.

Furthermore, it is not needed to wrap the Array in a New Object () instance since it is handled like that already by wrapping everything in curly brackets { and }.

I guess, that

  • there are values in the String.Join method that do not match
  • you missed a colon
  • the activity package has indeed an issue

Try out the following:
Create a new variable of Type Array of Object, take the activity Assign and assign the value in ArrayRow to the new variable. Then use the new variable in the ArrayRow property.
If the Assign already throws an error, then the issue is clearly within the array.

Tryout adding many values to ArrayRow:


I am having the same problem. Has anyone found a solution? I can’t seem to add more than 16 variables.

Anyone have a workaround please?

Hey @CGhoST did you find a solution? I am having the exact same issue, i have 17 args…

I had the same problem. Apparently 16 variables is the limit.

arr1 = {arg1, arg2,…arg16}
arr2 = {arg1, arg2,…arg16}
arr3 = arr1.Concat(arr2).ToArray

Use arr3 for “Add Data Row” activity.

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