Is there any issue with the gmessage.Subject?

When using Gsuite App Scope, I use get mail messages and then try to read the subject of the email with gmailmessage.Subject but it takes de specific filter criteria of filtering the emails instead of the mail subject.
I have seen videos in youtube and it seems to work in the videos, but not in my case.
I have checked all the scopes in the Gsuite Scope unless metadata.
I am testing how to read subject for gmail, when building a Robotic Enterprise Framework for GMAIL.
I got the REF model but I can´t read the simple gmail subject, eventhoug the type is GmailMessage instead of System.Net.Mail.MailMessages.

Any clue about how to do that?

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Please use a break point after get mail…

Then check the locals panel and open the required variable where a mail is stored.inside please check the property name for subject and use accordingly

Ideally mail.subject is the correct property/method to be used to get mail assuming your object is not an areay or mails but single mail


Hi all
I have basically the same problme/issue.
I am using Integration Services to trigger my robot when I get an email with an specific subject or sender. No matter what filter I add to the trigger, the robot does not start. But, if I configure the trigger without any event data filter, it works fine.
If anyone knows why this happen, or has a suggestion, please add it to the thread
Thanks in advance

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