Is there any idea to append column in excel?

Is there any idea to append column in excel ?
Its based on yearly reports by appending column for every year in a single spreadsheet.
Anyone Please !!
Thank you for your support.

Hi @Ganesh_S1

Use append range activity it will append the data after the last row

Thanks for your support @prasath_S
But here I collects data from various spreadsheet and combined into single.
It can possible to append range?

Yes it will be possible read the data using read range activity and store it in datatable and use append range activity (give the excel file path and the datatable)

Do it like this for all the excel sheets tou want (just change the excel path in read range rest of the process is same)

Yeah I will try …!
Thank you @prasath_S

Its works but append only row not column…! I need to append columns

Okay if you want to append column then use merge datatable activity read both the Excel files (the one you want to copy and the one where you want to paste) and pass both datatables in to merge datatable activity and then use result of that activity in the write range activity

Thank you but every year customer need to change the range right? That is the problem.
They want to automatically it appends every year…!

In read range put range as “” it will fetch all the data in the excel.

Thank you @prasath_S
I will Try

Yesterday Ⅰ tried it but that also doesn’t work. It also appended only row.
Thank you…!

Please try join datatable activity and give join as full join in property, if that also not working I can give you a sample workflow…


@prasath_S Thank you for your full fledged support…

@prasath_S can you please share the sample workflow?

Have you tried the join datatable activity @Ganesh_S1

@prasath_S I don’t know how to join the table can you please explain this what should put in the column one and two

Hello @Ganesh_S1 ,

Could you please check property Add Headers of Read Range activity?
if above does not work, then apply below one,

  1. Read only columns, range could be ex. A1:G1, then use append range activity, here columns would be present before you actually paste data.
  2. Now use your append range data starts from A2.


Hello @Pankaj.Patil
Thanks for your support …!
I need append every year report by a single process here append range activity can’t work It will append only row
I need to append column

Hello @Ganesh_S1 ,

Could you clear your question to me?
You want only columns or row or columns along with row?


Hello @Pankaj.Patil
I need to append group of columns only