Is there any excel function or other solutions can help me arrange the excel data?

Hi, I want to know is there any excel function I can use to collect/arrange the data in excel?
For example, I have several column Names: “Project”, “Type”, “Area”, “Serial Number” and “Quantity”.
Those data probably has different Type or Area or might be the same.

I want to arrange those data to simple data without any duplicate but sum up the quantity if they have some data in common. (Such as probably some data have same Project, Type, Area, and Serial Number. Or just only Project, Type, and Area, etc.)

Does anyone know any function might be useful?

Btw, the case didn’t use the pivot table. At least at the present, I do not understand how to use UiPath to operate the Pivot Table. It’s my next step for learning.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @opas1216

You can group by using one column for starters and we have a LINQ for that but again what needs to be summed up can multiple. Do let me know in case of issue!!!