Is there any conflict between sentinelone antivirus & UiPath?

a new antivirus “SentinelOne” will be installed on our environment, however, this new antivirus has an AI, and I want to be sure there is no conflict with our UiPath product"Orechestrato, Robot, and any other in the future".
So Please, did anyone crossed the same situation with this product or any AI antivirus product.

And what is recommended for this exercise?

as I mentioned it is an AI antivirus, Please check link:

your support appreciated.
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Hi @SuperCell
If your organization install this means that their may be some control point also (for admin) for the relevent, its should be there the option to manage things if needed.

And other thing is that install it on robots and App/DB servers
I suggest if your are not much experienced with this just go with test run (install test robot machine and check , if you posible to arrange test servers check through it)

Some of new antivirus able to identify bot operations , so if your virus guards detect it , decently its notify your to the action has to take place, then allow it

And also check the virusguard definitely there should be a option to allow your required operations

Most probably it will effect only robots only if happe
So observe the antivirus /use admin control panel to prevent bot detection.
I strongly recommend, please ask to do it with your admins.