Is there any centralized place which contains all UiPath actions?

I’m coming from AutoHotkey where their documentation page lists every possible function/command/action on the left side of the page and are organized by topic, like “Strings”.

I find the UiPath documentation unorganized. For example if I want to see all possible manipulations, with examples for String actions/methods, is there a place to look? Is there a separate place to look for methods effecting Window manipulations (opening/closing/resizing, ect…) and controls?

I hope I’m just missing something, otherwise I believe I may be in over my head as my only programming background is with AutoHotkey.

HI @mjcongleton,

Docs site:
You can get it all from here, everything is here.

Specifically if you’re looking for documentation on Strings, DataTable, that would be available on

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If you are looking for the activity information…all of that information would be present in

But if you are looking for methods or functions which you can use…then UiPath supports .net and c# functions depending on your compatibility type defined while creating the project…so you can visit the official site to get to know each function …

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