Is there any better way to help developer dealing with "Runtime Execution error"?

Hi guys,

Like the title I mentioned, I’m curious is there any way or activity can help developer better dealing with this kind of situation, for example maybe sending the specific message or the files via mail to the developer when the process crash?

I’m not sure this kind of problem should I use Try/catch to deal with it because it seems need to use it many places.

Thanks for sharing any comments.

Have you explored Global exception handler ?

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If you are using Re-framework, that will be very useful to do this kind of automation,

Using the transaction Status you can always do send a mail if the process got failed, all you need to do is define possibilities of errors and the steps to take care also you can define the business exception / Application exception etc.,

Better check with Re-Framework

Hope this helps



Hi @Prafull_B

Thanks for remind!

I just know it and start to use it.
But I have a question that when it finally abort the error message it still kinda of crash right?
Is there any other option can let it looks like not an error but report it to the developer instead of abort it ?
Just like the program we can see normally they ask whether to send the report for analyze, etc when the program error.

Hi @Srini84

I’m also trying to transfer my current process with using Re-framework.

But still working on it, i’m not quite understand how to use it, and how to set/throw transaction Status and state machine also.

I’ll try to adopt it .

Thanks for advice, I’m really appreciate it and it’s helpful.


no problem, you are always welcome to ask questions if you struck anywhere.

We are here to assist you in better way

Happy Learning