Is There an Update to UiPath?

I worked on StudioX 10 hours ago and I did not get a notification that anything was about to change. All I saw was that UiPath was uninstalled and I had to reinstall.

maybe the antivirus or any security policy?

As per the latest release (20.4) -


The 20.4 release removes the “Preview” label from StudioX, it’s now being made available as a generally available part of the product with the same quality and support we offer for the Studio profile. A lot has changed since the first public preview in our 19.10 fall release.


Karthik Byggari

Thank you @HoriaBelu and @KarthikByggari. I was able to research after multiple installations and uninstallations that my license was changed on the app. I did not make that change but I have successfully reverted now.

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