Is there an easy way to get an overview of all relevant client data from the Orchestrator?


We have multiple clients with there own tenant. Every client got its unique setup. For example the number of robots, different types of licenses, robot versions, robot license expirer date, robot names and so on.

Is there a simple way to get / export all relevant client specific data from the Orchestrator, so we can manage our administration (Excel or database for example) per client.
When we have this administration we can, for example, add triggers when a license expires, so we can inform our clients to renew or extend licenses. But this administration also helps us to respond more quickly on questions of our clients and to share knowledge to new colleagues about our client setups.


HI @Servan_Huegen

You can try using the orchestrator api’s to get this information . But the later part you have to create one to monitor all of them


Hello @Servan_Huegen

You can use the api here. Can check the below doc.