Is there an AnyTeller version for Windows 10? (.Net 3.5 + version)

Gents and ladies,

Are there any great dummy applications that you use for demonstrative or learning purposes?
Pretty curious!

Kr, ElectricBoogie!

Hi @ElectricBoogie
I think the best applications to play with in a basic traning are the regular applications of windows (notepad, calculator, browsers, excel …), as of the desktop application I think that the UiDemo application that you can find in the first exercise training can serve as a dummy application for demo purposes

Here is the link for the download UIDemo.exe - Google Drive

Hope that answers your question :smile:

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Hi @ElectricBoogie ,

For demonstration, you can get video form the Video tutorial.

It has the various topic . you can able to chose which you want.

For example for Excel the below one.


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