Is there an activity to check the memory (task manager)

i’m running an application and i will need to shut it down and restart it again when it reaches a certain level of memory. For example lets say i would like to restart a program once it reaches 900 MB. Is there an UiPath activity to check the memory?


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no buddy i hope we dont have any specific activity for this to check the memory and speed
Cheers @alejohnson

But still we can use KILL PROCESS activity and mention the process name of all applications been used in your process
where we can mention the processname in the property panel of kill process which would eventually reduce the memory taken by the CPU
use n number of kill process with processname property mentioned within double quotes for all the applications been usedin your process, at the beginning of the sequence itself
to get the process name we can go to TASK MANAGER and get the process name from there without the .exe in it like for example if its EXCEL.exe then we need to mention as “EXCEL” in the processname property of kill process activity

hope this would help you
Cheers @alejohnson