Is there a way to show a status box to the user?

I am working on automating a process in an application that is painfully slow to load every time something is clicked. I end up having to use lots of “find element” activities to have it wait for what I need to appear. Some of the timeouts on the find activity need to be 10, 20, even 30 seconds.

Would there be a way to pop up a box to the user that says “Waiting for _____ to finish loading” and then a countdown timer to show them how many more seconds it’ll wait before failing?

May be you can use parallel activity if you want to throw message and close after find element completed. Please find below link for parallel activity. I am not sure about this approach but you can play around.


Use Callout Activity to show the content to user otherwise You can able to create Progress bar also using .net program

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