Is there a way to read the current PDF Page that is open on screen in Read PDF with OCR


Is there a way to read the current PDF page that is open on Screen. Since i need to read a specific section in PDF , from multiple PDF files types and the section that needs to be read varies and appears on different page number in different PDF file types.

I have used the Read PDF with OCR , but it takes ‘Range’ parameter that does not allow an option to specify the reading of currently open Page. Is there a way to specify current open page of PDF as an input to the Read PDF with OCR ?

Hi @mailsmithash,
What about keeping current opened page as variable and put it in this activity?

I am opening the PDF, scrolling to that required page , all this done through uipath.
The required page contains the section of PDF i need to read. Once the required Page is open , not sure how to read the content of only that Page instead of the entire PDF document. Since there are PDF files of different types which require different amount of scrolling to reach that page. Currently i am reading the entire content of PDF and using Regex to extract that particular section of content.

Not sure how to catpure the opened page as variable in uipath

You could use screen scraping and indicate the current page from upper pane. Like this:


It shows the correct current page for the first PDF, for the subsequent one it shows the first captured one. Checked the selector, it has the ‘title’ of the pdf selected and has no option to unselect that. Hence for the other pdf files it does not work. It shows the old value itself.

I think this action should be looped and called out on each new pdf.

Yes it is in a loop for each pdf file, at the end of the loop after 1st pdf i am killing the pdf process.

It might be that you process is looking for the current number before scroll activity reach that page. Try to experiment with delay maybe.

Thanks its working now. I used ‘Get Text’ Activity and edited the Selector to remove the title of the PDF, it works fine. It is fetching the correct Page number for the respective PDF files. Did not introduce any delay, its working fine without delays.

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