Is there a way to react to a button becoming enabled while doing a web automation in the background?


I am attempting to automate some web processes, but would like for the process to run in the background. The process I am automating enters text into a field, which during a normal interaction would then result in a change in the html of the page to enable a button to be clicked. My issue is that while running in the background, the webpage doesn’t automatically react to the field being filled, and uipath tries to click a disabled button. Is there any workaround for this?

Kindly enable simulate click in click activity and simulate type, clickbeforetyping, emptyfield property in type into activity and try
Cheers @dwkot

Hi! I am doing these activities, but it seems the webpage does not respond to fields being filled out like it would when the page is actually open. This leads me to a dilemma where I try and click on a button on the page while it is still disabled, even though I’ve filled out certain fields on the page. If the process were running in the foreground, filling out that field would enable the button, but this doesn’t seem to happen while running in the background.

did enabling the simulate type property while using type into activity worked…
hope that should work for sure even in background
Cheers @dwkot

Yes, I am simulating typing in the type into activity, but it looks like the page doesn’t recognize that the field was typed in to. I am also able to verify that the field was typed in to, using the get text activity.

Hi @dwkot

I faced very similar problem with Oracle EBS app and I solved that changing element focus with sendind hotkey “tab”.

Please let me know did it worked for you also.


I tried this as well, but no luck unfortunately