Is there a way to move the row of Excel directly to the last blank?


2.xlsx (8.6 KB)

I’d like to fill it out after arriving at the part marked with < - - -

I tried to use the counter system, but this method is too slow.

Hi @kanmz
did you meant you need to fill it with value 2 ?

hello, my friends @NIVED_NAMBIAR

It’s an example, so it doesn’t have to be filled with 2

So what u need to fill there ?

I’m going to fill it up with strings.

would it be constant in all the cells?

It’s Aspa.
It’s Aspaf.
a four-sided by the four waves

This is how it’ll be written. XD

Hi @kanmz ,

Try below steps,

  1. Read the Excel
  2. Apply filter as columnName != “”
  3. TotalRow = Count the filtered data rows
  4. TotalRow+1 will be the next empty row

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