Is there a way to make the robot event driven?

I have a workflow which has to be executed whenever there is a change in the DB. How will I be able to make the robot event-driven in this case?


How often is there a change in DB?


Every now and then. I have to trigger UiPath to do a task whenever there is a change

Hmm, there must be action which will trigger robot → Orchestrator for U unattended or robot event for attented.
You can also schedule robot to check changes.

Can you explain it in brief?

To trigger something must start it. If you have unattended robot, you can trigger it by Orchestrator (Manually or by schedule), manually from the machine where robot is.
If you have attended one you can only trigger robot manually or adding trigger event which will awake robot (but still this is connecting with user event).
Please read more:

Trigger events wont work in my case nor scheduling it

I know, but there is no other options.
Maybe your database can connect somehow with Orchestrator (and send mail to Orchestrator to queue)?