Is there a way to import many test cases at once?

Is there a way to import many test cases at once to UIPath?

What source and what kind of test case?


Here you can see the Studio function - if this is what you meant

I need to import test cases from Excel sheets to UIPath or Xray to UIPath.

Mass import more specifically

What you can do is to connect the UiPath world with Jira XRAY, so it is not necessary to change your tool.

Actually, I have tried this a lot following documentation but I am always having issues with connecting them to each other. Have you ever actually done this before?

Excel or Jira/Xray

So, this is about importing to Studio, not to Test Manager.
At the moment there is no way to do bulk import from tools like excel or Xray.

The import function from your screen-shot is only for test cases created with Studio Pro (xaml). There you can of course multi-select and bulk import.

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as mentioned within this thread, you can import automated UiPath Test Cases into Studio.
You can also connect XRay Test Cases to Test Manager and Studio.
According to your message, you were not able to connect XRay and TM yet, if this is the issue you want to solve, I would suggest to setup a call and discuss.