Is there a way to extract Folder Content details : Name, Title, ...?


Is there a way to extract Folder Content details : Name, Title, … ?

I’ve check the Directory.GetFiles, I see only some list of items as follows :


For Name it’s OK, I need especially Title . Thanks in Advance


Can you share me the sample output you required?
What do you mean by Title?


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Hi @Srini84 , Thanks for Quick Feedback.
Title generally used for folders which contains Audio files inside a folder as shown in below screen shot:



Hope these steps would help you resolve this

To get the name of the file

In a assign activity

Str_title = New System.IO.FileInfo(“your FilePath”).Name.ToString

I couldn’t find any method to get the title (extended properties of a file)

Even we can get size of the file in KB

Cheers @hsendel

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maybe this helps:


Thanks @ppr , Seems useful, but I the output is not showing detailed informations , I got only the following : System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,System.String]

Thanks @Palaniyappan , for Name it should be fine, the option exists in GetFileName, the issue is with Title

Being collections did we try to mention the index position and see what value comes in


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looks like you tried wit a toString to dumpout Dictionary Content, right?
If so, this will not work. Fastest Check of the result will be debugging along with breakpoint setting and and inspect locals panel while get paused

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Hi @Palaniyappan , I used same package shared by @ppr ad build the workflow as follows :


@ppr , what should be the settings for : image

Because I remove ToString, I got error image

Let me say it again. Both methods will not do a dumpout of the dictionary contents. Add to your development practive to use debugging when inspecting part results. This is faster and straight forward.

If we would mandatory need such a string then give a try on following

String.Join(Environment. NewLine, FileDetails.Select(Function (x) x.Key &“:”& x.Value))

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Thanks @ppr , I will check and revert back to you.

- → EDIT : It’s Working fine …Thanks @ppr and Team for your support.

@ppr , Last Question: Based on the output received, How to filter only what we need from Key&Value Collection ( Example : Title) ? Please refer to attached file for generated ListList.txt (359 Bytes)

Bring the list values from List.txt into an array / list - arrKeyList
then give a try on

(dictFiltered =
From k in YourDicitonary
Where arrKeyList.Contains(k.Key)
Select kvp=k).toDictionary(Function (x) x.Key, Function (x) x.Value

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Dear @ppr Let me try and update you :+1:

→ EDIT : Perfect Peter :+1:

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