Is there a way to download all the 'assets' that start with a specific word in Orchestrator?

Can I save ‘Asset’ starting with ‘a001’ as Array or Dictionary among the list below?
I want to know how to do it with ‘Api’ or ‘Activity’.
Help me~

|Asset Name| Value |
|a001_ip | |
|a001_name |hong |
|a001_no |123 |
|a001_empno|a001 |
|a001_tel |111-1111 |
|a002_ip | |
|a002_name |kang |
|a002_no |999 |
|a002_tel |222-2222|

The API should give you a list of Assets that you could then loop through.

However, why? This isn’t how Assets are intended to be used. They aren’t for storing data. If you insist on using Assets, what would be better is storing all the data as a JSON string in one asset for each employee.

So the a001 asset would be…


Then you read the a001 asset and use UiPath.WebAPI to deserialize the JSON.

A much simpler way would be to store this data in a spreadsheet and read it into a datatable in your automation.