Is there a way to do setup or teardown actions around a set of tests?


I am experimenting with UiPath for automated testing. Most tools/framework provide a way to execute certain actions once before of after a run (or test case). (like junit’s @Before/@BeforeAll etc.)

This is often used to prepare or clean up test data, or do environment specific setup actions. How would one go about this when using UiPath? As far as I can see now, all test cases are executed as separate workflows, but there is not a container that binds them where we could do before or after steps? I could not find documentation on this topic.

Hi Thomas,

You can use Execution templates for setup up or tear down logic.(Execution Templates)

Another option is to schedule Test Sets at different times and pass information between test cases via Test Data Queues.

We are also looking into adding more features for this purpose, bacuse of the feedback we have received.


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