Is there a way to detect skewed or inverted image using Uipath?

I am working to detect skewed and inverted image to recognize by the bot at the runtime. I have used get skew activity in order to get skewed value… but I want to do it more accurately.

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I’m not sure about any official package, but you may try to check if there is any custom package.

Can you show me what have you done so far? Maybe try to experiment with some parameters?

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I am try to get images from a folder. after that I have used foreach loop and changed the argument to system.drawing.image… But its not working


Try to use the UiPath.Core.Image as an argument type.

I have successfully detected skewed and landscape pages from multiple pdf files. But still unable to recognize inverted image i.e. upside down image. I am attaching a sample image so you can get better idea.
teesaract-ocr stopped

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated .
Thank You

I got some information from our teams.

Our ML extractors (invoice, receipt model etc) have built-in capabilities for detecting the page orientation and ensuring the best possible extraction. Even if the invoice is in the wrong direction, the model should detect that and put it in the right format.

If we’re talking about our DU extraction models I’d say they should not worry. However, if the user wants to detect the orientation of any kind of image then the solution is completely different when considering a text document vs a portrait photo for example.

For documents we actually rely on the OCR to detect this rotation :smile: they should be quite good at this. If the user will encounter issues with UiP OCR not being able to detect it’s rotated, please share it.
If it’s for something else, we don’t necessarily have a particular capability for this, but there are some options we could use if we know what’s the use case

Hope that this will help you :slight_smile: