Is there a way to delineate columns for removing duplicates in excel using UiPath?

I have a use case with the below example. The criteria for a duplicate is the following:
First Name, Last Name, Facility, Timestamp. When duplicates are found, I want the most recent claim to remain.

I’ve attached the inputs and what output (what is expected).

I also noticed in UiPath, remove duplicates doesn’t delineate what columns, it looks at all columns.

Is there a way to delineate this in the modern activities or a different approach?



Output: (should look like this)

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Hey @ajeffers

Here is the demo for you… (9.1 KB)



Hope this helps you.


Do you think you could walk through why you did what you did? It seems to work, but I am having a hard time understanding.

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Hello @Nithinkrishna, your query is great i am very interested in it, i would like to ask you one question about your code.

After use the activity Add Data Column to the dt_Temp, that table is complete with the new records, but i do not see where that table is fill, could you tell me in wich part do you fill the table?


Hey @ajeffers @Manuel_Dominguez

Please find the breakdown & its explanation below…

//Selecting Rows by Adding new Comparer Column - Concatenation of columns with which we need to find duplicates dt_Input.AsEnumerable.Select(Function(row) _ dt_Temp.Rows.Add(row.ItemArray.Concat( New Object() { String.Concat(row("First Name").ToString.Trim, row("Last Name").ToString.Trim, row("Facility").ToString.Trim, row("Claim Number").ToString.Trim) } ).ToArray) //Grouping the rows by common Comparer & then taking the latest using order by ).GroupBy(Function(row) row("Comparer").ToString).Select(Function(grp) dt_Temp.Rows.Add(grp.OrderBy(Function(obj) obj("TimeStamp").ToString).Last().ItemArray)).CopyToDataTable


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I should have noted, the second part of this problem was to give back the latest Timestamp as well. Thank you for explaining this. I just learned about LINQ and I’m going to try this and let you know if it works for me.

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Cool @ajeffers

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