Is There a Way To Define Class Elements For Extract Table Data

Hey there!

I am using the Extract Table Data activity, and I was curious if there was a way to define specific class elements to exclude and include. The GUI seems to be picking up an area of text that I do not want, and whenever I inspect the page, it does seem to have a tag tied to it, that if i could target, i should be able to exclude it. Does anyone know if this is possible? Here is the sample of what I am trying to extract from a webpage:

we can modify the extractMetadata during the configuration or afterwards. here we can define which class=‘YourClassName’ should be included

Ohhh okay, I think I found that here:

So here is where i could add tag = ‘span [className]’

eg. add <webctrl tag='span' idx=‘1’ class=‘ABC’ />`

Thank you so much! This was exactly it and now I am able to grab the data :smiley:

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