Is there a way to choose what part of an excel file you want to use via a list or drop down?

I wasnt sure how to phrase this but I am working on a bot that will automatically fill in a form on what client we are working with that day.

So I would have a excel sheet that is a list of Clients, when things are due, what I am doing for them, etc.
I got the pieces to automatically fill the form out. But I dont want it to use the whole excel sheet as it varies from day to day which of them in the list I would be helping.

So I want to know if there is a way to be presented with a Drop down box at the very beginning where I can choose like Row 2, Row 3 and it uses the information in that specific row to fill out the form?

And is there a way when it displays that drop down instead of just a number can it say the client name which would be in Column A?

Here is my stupid mockup of what the excel sheet would look like…kind of… Untitled spreadsheet - Google Sheets

Hi @trollsong

Based on this link you can read the excel by using Gsuite Application Scope Activity
and use select item and pass the value as row(“Column name”).ToString

Ashwin s