Is there a way to check if word has loaded the document

I am using UIPath to download several web pages with information and publish them as word documents, for sharing purposes. For short documents with only a few images this works perfect, but when there are more images in the webpage, word takes longer to load the page. The save action then happens before the entire page is loaded. I know I can add a timer and just wait a number of seconds, but for most of the pages that is not neccesary and therefor it would make my code much slower then it neads to be.

Is there a way to check is word has finished loading befor storing the document?

Hi @maos.vanaubel

Try step 1 or combine step 1 and 2

  1. You could use the On Element Appear and set property WaitForReady=Complete to check the Webpage document is fully loaded

  2. Get Text for the selector “Page 1 of 12” - checking that Word is ready